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Styrene Acrylonitrile (SAN) Market Prices, Forecasts, and Analysis

Market Update

December 2023

European Styrene Acrylonitrile (SAN) prices decreased in December, with some variations. Accounts with higher prices observed significant decreases, with reductions reaching up to €200/MT.

Consumer goods and industrial sectors are struggling due to economic conditions, while automotive shows signs of slowing growth.

Domestic producers have kept operating rates low, but this has had little impact on market dynamics. End-of-year destocking has led to low demand, with only moderate restocking expected in January.

In December, demand has remained consistently low, reflecting a trend that has persisted throughout the year. These challenging economic conditions have adversely impacted various market segments.

Notably, the consumer goods sector, a vital market, has experienced a significant decrease in activity due to consumers’ reduced spending caused by increasing energy costs and rising interest rates.

Although the automotive industry has shown relative resilience thus far, there are emerging signs of a growth slowdown. Furthermore, the industrial sector, another crucial market, also appears to be struggling, as indicated by the negative data.

While there are some positive aspects in the consumer data, they are unlikely to offset the overall negative trends. It is possible that demand may rebound next year if inflation decreases, and interest rates start to decline. However, for the time being, the best expectation for next year is a continuation of the current economic conditions.

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