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Polystyrene (PS) Market Prices, Forecasts, and Analysis

Monthly Update

November 2022

Buyers had little issues sourcing volumes in November as most market participants are trying to manage inventories at the end of the year amid a weak market environment.

The fall in net exports fueled the increase in supply. The loss of competitiveness due to the rise in energy prices seems to have decreased exports and increased imports, a trend that could be reinforced by the recent rebound of the Euro against the US dollar.

Meanwhile, suppliers kept production rates low to avoid oversupply. Nonetheless, Total recently in force majeure helped ease the pressure on other producers.

However, the lower production could not completely reverse the situation in supply. This is especially pertinent in the styrene monomer market.

Polystyrene prices changes for the last three months from September to November 2022.

Several production sites, including propylene oxide, are apparently down because of a lack in demand. Despite this, the styrene market remains well supplied.

Also, new covid infections in China causing lockdowns erased hopes of a much needed rebound and raised concerns of competitive imports also of raw materials.

The market update is an exerpt fromt the monthly report.

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