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Polystyrene (PS) Market Prices, Forecasts, and Analysis

Market Update

October 2021

Polystyrene (PS) buyers experienced more setbacks after the market took a turn for the worse in October. The events in the past few weeks reinforced the view that the year will most probably end with high volatility. A reasonable decrease in prices in September was followed by stability in October, but things started to changed toward the end of the month. A spike in spot styrene prices raised expectations of a counter-seasonal jump in November. In response to the likelihood of higher prices next month, buyers increased orders, driving up demand and tightening supply. The European PS marked has been getting tighter in the past few weeks, which was mainly driven by Versalis suffering production issues and reducing rates to 50% of capacity. Therefore, the expected increases in raw material costs driving up demand made an already tight supply situation worse. But at the same time, more bad news emerged during October. The recent surge in energy prices, namely gas and electricity prices, has pushed up costs to an extent that forced producers to respond. The high utility prices have been driving up production costs across the entire polymer industry.

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The GC Intelligence™ Polystyrene (PS) Market Prices, Forecasts, and Analysis report is published every month. And the report tracks prices and delivers market insights of the two main grades, GPPS and HIPS.

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