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Nylon Engineering Resins (PA6/PA66) Market Prices, Forecasts, and Analysis

Market Update

November 2021

The price forecasts were revised up for both PA6 and PA66 in November. The jump in energy costs pushed up prices up more than expected. The ongoing disruptions will continue to provide support and prevent a significant ease at any point during the forecast period.

The higher energy costs will support prices in the next few months. As mentioned, the higher gas prices have placed pressure not only on energy costs but are also affecting other costs. There will be some resistance from buyers because of the seasonal low period for demand and because prices have climbed considerably during the pandemic and are therefore already at high levels.

Price changes

Prices should also remain supported during next year by ongoing disruptions to logistics. The current rise in infections reinforces the view that the pandemic will continue to disrupt supply chains during next year. The pandemic has also provided a boost to demand and will probably continue to do so next year.

A retreat in prices at the tail end of the forecast assumes that energy markets will return to normal and that the automotive sector will remain subdued. Should the automotive industry rebound next year, supply shortages could become critical again. However, while prices are expected to be supported next year, downside risks are developing.

The current increases in inflation could impact growth and ultimately demand for many downstream markets that have so far been thriving, such as industrial and construction. For now, the balance of probability is tilted towards more upside, but uncertainty over the impact of another wave of infections amid increasing raw material costs widened the range of possibilities.

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