Polycarbonate Extrusion Grade Prices Edge Higher in July 2024

Polycarbonate extrusion grade prices edge higher, according to GC Intelligence price assessments. In a somewhat resilient performance amidst broader market struggles, polycarbonate extrusion grade prices
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EU Construction Sector Declines by 2.5% Year-on-Year

EU construction sec tor declines year-on-year. According to Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union, the production in the construction sector fell by 2.5%

PMMA Extrusion Prices Surge by €140 per Metric Ton in Europe Amid Shortages

PMMA Extrusion Prices Surge in July 2024. The European market is experiencing a significant increase in the price of Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA) extrusion, which has

EU Car Registrations Increase by 4.3% in June 2024

EU Car Registrations increase. In June 2024, car registrations in the European Union increased by 4.3%. The data from European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) show this growth

EU Inflation Marginally Down from May to June 2024

EU inflation marginally down. The euro area annual inflation rate was 2.5% in June 2024, down from 2.6% in May. A year earlier, the rate

EU PMMA imports decreased from January to May 2024

EU PMMA imports decreased from January to May, according to the latest trade data by Eurostat. The reduction in imports has tightened sections of the
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EU PP Prices Roll Over in July 2024

EU PP prices roll over. July 2024 has seen polypropylene (PP) prices rolling over, driven by weak demand and steady feedstock propylene costs, according to
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Versalis and Forever Plast Launch Recycled Polystyrene Polymers for Food Packaging

Versalis and Forever Plast launch recycled polystyrene polymers for food packaging. Versalis, a subsidiary of Eni, and Forever Plast, a leading post-consumer plastic recycler in
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Vestolit Restores Full Operations Post Force Majeure in Altamira

Vestolit restores full operations in Altamira. Polymer Solutions (Vestolit) has successfully addressed the issues that led to a force majeure at their Altamira facilities in
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EU Industrial Production Continues Downward Trend

EU industrial production continues downward trend. Industrial production in the euro area and the EU continued to decline in May 2024, consistent with trends observed
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Olin Declares Force Majeure for Chlor Alkali Products & Vinyls

Olin declares Force Majeure for its Chlor Alkali Products & Vinyls division and Aromatics shipments due to Hurricane Beryl, according to a press release. The
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European ABS Import Prices Remain Stable in July 2024

European ABS import prices remain stable. ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) import prices in Europe appear to be stable in July 2024, showing little change from