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March 2024

European polycarbonate (PC) prices in March have continued to rise due to higher costs, supply disruptions, and import delays. However, the increase is tempered by factors like the stabilization of the Suez Canal disruptions and low demand.

Domestic market attempts to hike prices higher have seen mixed success, with some signs of price rollovers also emerging. New supply issues, such as allocations from one supplier, are prompting buyers to seek alternatives, with the market’s competitive nature facilitating their options.

Domestic attempts to raise prices see limited success; rollovers begin.

The price forecasts continue to show that the current upward momentum may plateau in the coming months. Some developing supply issues and tepid uptick in seasonal demand will provide support in the coming weeks.

While supply issues have the potential to drive prices higher than expected in the near term, this scenario for now is not expected to unfold due to consistently low demand across most market segments and signs of resurgence in competitive imports.

Overall, a competitive environment remains in place as many suppliers, while seeking to improve margins, are also keen to move volumes.

Moreover, a weaker than forecasted scenario could emerge, particularly if delayed cargoes reach Europe at the end of May and in June amid persistent low demand.

This outlook of falling prices later in the year is underpinned by the view that macroeconomic conditions are unlikely to see significant improvement from their current state.

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