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Market Update

July 2022

Supply improved some more in July in Europe due to the lower demand but also because of increases in imports.

While the better availability is to do with slowing activity and slowdowns in the summer, another reason is linked to the high prices in Europe opening the arbitrage with Asia and leading to an increase in imports.

The trade data shows a small increase in imports, but since this is happening during a period of low demand, the impact is more significant. Imports are competitive despite the firm US dollar against the Euro and the still high logistic costs.

The slump in demand in China during a year of major capacity increases has pushed prices down to $2,000/mt, increasing offers to Europe. But imports from the region for many are still not competitive and risky, around €2,900/mt.

pc monthly price change

Meanwhile, Russian imports are priced around the same level. The sanctions appear to have, to a certain extent, increased domestic demand and therefore reduced incentives to export.

The European polycarbonate market, like all other polymers, is heading towards a period later in the year characterised by oversupply and soaring costs.

The market update is an exerpt fromt the monthly report.

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