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price decreases

PA6 prices plunge in March, taking a steeper than expected dip due to tough market conditions and weak demand from most segments.

The GC Intelligence price assessments show ongoing price decreases for both PA6 and PA66 in Europe.

The market remains well supplied, especially for PA6, despite reduced production. There is little hope for a recovery in the near term, especially during the first half of the year.

While some recent data shows positive numbers, such as construction, industrial, and consumer confidence, some of these figures can be misleading.

For example, the automotive sector shows ongoing increases in sales from last year, but this is primarily due to overcoming previous challenges, like semiconductor shortages, rather than an indication of robust demand. Overall, demand remains sluggish.

shipping containers

Polyamides (PA) EU exports plummet while imports surge in January 2023, according to the latest data from Eurostat.

The EU27 saw a sharp decline in exports, which amounted to a total value of 21,047 metric tonnes. This indicates a staggering 50% decrease as compared to the same period last year.

trade chart

In contrast, imports to the EU27 surged by almost 50%, with a total value of 30,359 metric tonnes.

Recent spikes in gas prices have likely led to decreased competitiveness for Europe’s products, resulting in lower exports and increased imports.

Lower exports and higher imports are currently exacerbating the oversupply in Europe, which is placing more pressure on prices.

PA6 and PA66 are two common types of polyamides. PA6, also known as nylon 6, is a polymer made from the monomer caprolactam, while PA66, also known as nylon 66, is made from the monomers hexamethylenediamine and adipic acid.


DOMO Chemicals expands in Asia after signing a manufacturing contract with MIKA INC in South Korea.

The partnership will enable MIKA INC to add the TECHNYL® brand of PA6 and PA66-based engineered materials to its portfolio.

DOMO Chemicals is the exclusive owner of the TECHNYL® brand worldwide since 2022.

This partnership is a milestone in its goal to expand its nylon-based engineering materials business in Asia.

Fabrizio Cochi, DOMO Chemicals’ Asia Pacific General Manager, says the South Korean market is critical to the company.

The company considers serving global Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in the automotive and electronics sectors as particularly crucial.

MIKA INC is a plastic compound manufacturer and distribution company. DOMO Chemicals is a global engineered materials manufacturer.

price decreases

PA6 and PA66 markets are facing declining prices in February due to low demand and oversupply, according to GC Intelligence market analysis.

Although recent data suggests a possible milder downturn, weak demand driven by high inflation and households facing high energy bills remains a concern.

Prices for PA6 and PA66 have decreased compared to the previous month. The market weakness and lower energy costs led to a decrease in prices.

PA6 and PA66 prices are expected to continue declining for the remainder of the year. The main factors driving the downside include lower gas prices and sluggish demand.

Despite the low prices improving Europe’s competitiveness against other regions, imports still pose a threat. Meanwhile, exports have failed to recover.

PA6, a tough and abrasion-resistant synthetic polymer, is used in the automotive, textile, and packaging industries, and injection-molded parts.

PA66, a strong and heat-resistant synthetic polymer, is commonly used for producing automotive parts, electrical equipment, and mechanical components.

pople appointments

DOMO Chemicals names two executives. The company has announced the appointment of two top key positions.

Effective as of January 2023, Vedran Kujundzic takes on the role of Chief Commercial Officer for Polymers & Intermediates.

Meanwhile, Stéphane Guélat will assume the role of Chief Supply Chain and Procurement Officer.

Kujundzic, an industry veteran with 30 years of experience in the polyamides sector, will oversee the Marketing and Sales of DOMO’s Polymers & Intermediates stream for Polyamide 6 and 66 (PA6 and PA66). He takes the role of Chief Commercial Officer.

In addition to Vedran Kujundzic’s appointment, DOMO Chemicals welcomes Stéphane Guélat as Chief Supply Chain and Procurement Officer.

Guélat brings with him 25 years of international experience in managing global supply chains, and will be responsible for procurement, energy management and the global supply chain.

He will also lead sales and operations planning, procurement and logistics. As a member of the ExCom, Guélat will report directly to Yves Bonte, CEO of DOMO Chemicals.

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