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Röhm Advances Sustainable Road Markings

Röhm advances sustainable road markings. Röhm is collaborating with SWARCO to introduce eco-friendly road markings in urban areas, with a successful implementation in Darmstadt, Germany.

This initiative supports Darmstadt’s goal to increase its cycling population from 20 percent to one third.

SWARCO, a global leader in road marking systems, developed the new marking material using Röhm’s DEGAROUTE® and DEGAROUTE® proTerra binders. These binders, noted for their durability and lower CO2 emissions, include recycled methyl methacrylate, boosting their environmental advantages.

The new marking material was applied to a 100-square-meter bike lane in Darmstadt, curing quickly and allowing cyclists to use the lane shortly after. The bright red markings enhance cyclist safety and visibility.

Röhm and SWARCO aim to produce road markings that are environmentally friendly and sustainable, using recycled and eco-conscious materials. The success in Darmstadt represents a significant step towards more sustainable urban mobility.

Röhm is dedicated to reducing CO2 emissions by 30 percent by 2030 and achieving climate-neutral production by 2050. The company hopes other cities will adopt similar sustainable marking systems.

The introduction of these eco-friendly road markings in Darmstadt highlights a growing trend towards greener urban planning and transportation infrastructure.


GC Intelligence (LONDON) – July 2024 – Covestro and BP in solar power agreement. The two companies have signed a 10-year power purchase agreement (PPA) for renewable energy from a solar power plant in Spain.

The agreement significantly boosts Covestro’s renewable electricity use in Spain to 30 percent, enhancing the sustainability of its Tarragona site.

This partnership supports Covestro’s goal of achieving operational climate neutrality by 2035. Covestro, a leading producer of polycarbonate (PC) materials, is taking a substantial step towards a greener future.

In 2022, Covestro announced that its smaller production sites in Spain would run on 100 percent renewable electricity. The new agreement allows the main Tarragona site to cut CO2 emissions by approximately 16,000 tonnes annually.

Covestro produces MDI, hydrochloric acid, chlorine, caustic soda, waterborne acrylics, urethanes, polyesters, and crosslinkers in Spain, supporting sustainable production.

Their materials serve sectors like automotive, furniture, construction, electronics, packaging, and heavy machinery, emphasizing energy efficiency and innovative technologies.

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GC Intelligence (LONDON) – INEOS and edge sign agreement. INEOS Styrolution has recently announced a ten-year exclusive supply agreement with Edge Solutions.

This agreement focuses on the ultra-tough Luran® SC thermoplastic product for wind turbine blades.

Edge Solutions, based in Edinburgh, developed Armour Edge. This system protects the leading edge of wind turbine blades from erosion, a major issue in windfarms.

The partnership between INEOS Styrolution and Edge Solutions has been ongoing for many years. The new agreement extends Edge Solutions’ global rights to use Luran SC in leading edge protection applications.

“This agreement cements our position in the LEP market,” says David Urch, Managing Director of Edge Solutions. They look forward to continuing their successful collaboration with INEOS Styrolution.

Edge Solutions was launched commercially in 2020. Their Armour Edge product has a growing order book worldwide, including repeat orders from early customers like RWE and the German offshore wind farm Riffgat.

Andreas Kolf, Business Development Manager at INEOS Styrolution, adds: “We are excited to work with Edge Solutions. Our material contributes to renewable energy production, aligning with our sustainability goals.”

Luran SC is a blend of ASA with PC, providing high heat resistance and impact strength. It’s ideal for demanding applications, including automotive interiors and exteriors, and now, wind turbine blad