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Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) Market Prices, Forecasts, and Analysis


June 2024

European ABS prices in June decreased as expected on the back of a fall in raw material costs and persistent weak demand which appears to have weakened further this month. Forecasts see more price decreases in July. Increasing freight costs may impact imports and potentially reduce availability.

But for now, this is unlikely given the overall weak demand. Demand is also slowing down due to holiday periods in Europe and most probably also due to buyers postponing orders in anticipation of lower prices next month.

Demand in June has slowed down due to a combination of factors. This time of year, activity tends to slow down because of the holiday period across Europe. Additionally, there is anticipation that costs will go down next month, leading buyers to delay orders.

The delayed arrivals in imports amid persistent poor demand have likely negatively affected domestic demand. Most importantly, many downstream sectors are suffering, as reflected in the data.

The automotive industry sees sales once again in negative territory. Market feedback indicates continuous weakness from the sector, which is worse than anticipated. The construction sector has shown little sign of picking up, with data indicating it is in contraction for the fourth consecutive month.

Similarly, the industrial and durable goods numbers are firmly negative. A scenario of continued weakness for the rest of the year remains unchanged. However, stabilizing inflation and lower interest rates from the European Central Bank have raised the outlook but only for next year.


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