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Europe PS Demand Sees Recovery in July 2024

July 9, 2024

Europe PS demand sees recovery. Polystyrene (PS) demand in Europe appears to be experiencing a slight resurgence in July. The overall demand has been weak throughout the current year, continuing the trend from the previous year, which was notably poor, especially in Central and Northern Europe.

Despite this, recent weeks have seen a modest increase in demand, according to market participants. This uptick is likely driven by buyers aiming to build stock before the anticipated summer slowdown in activity. This trend is particularly relevant in Southern Europe. Additionally, the recent spikes in freight costs have made imports less competitive, potentially contributing to the increased demand for domestic PS.

However, despite this minor recovery, the overall market sentiment remains pessimistic for most suppliers. The macroeconomic challenges persist, and PS’s significant exposure to the construction industry has exacerbated the situation. For some players, demand from the construction sector has decreased by as much as 30% compared to the previous year, further dampening the outlook for the PS market in Europe.