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March 21, 2024
price increase

PC prices see mixed outcome. In March 2024, European PC prices edged higher amid rising costs and supply disruptions. Despite these pressures, efforts to significantly raise prices meet tough resistance.

This is reflected in a mixed success rate and emerging signs of price rollovers. The stabilizing Suez Canal situation and low demand temper increases.

Supply issues, notably from a major producer, complicate the market. These disruptions push buyers towards alternatives, yet the competitive environment enables these shifts, softening potential impacts on prices.

Price trends are precarious. While March saw attempts at hikes, the varied success underscores the market’s struggle against global dynamics and the return of competitive Asian imports, hinting at a complex balance between supply challenges and demand realities.

The outlook suggests a plateauing of price increases. Supply concerns and a mild demand uptick offer some support, but the looming return of Asian imports and persistent market challenges hint at a competitive and uncertain future.

Demand broadly lags, with sectors like construction and automotive notably weak. A fleeting recovery sign in February fades, with the market’s overall activity stalling amid macroeconomic pressures.

Supply perspectives are shadowed by allocations and potential production shifts. Yet, alternative sources and the evolving Asian import landscape provide a buffer, maintaining a delicate supply-demand equilibrium as the market moves through 2024.