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March 21, 2024
inflation abstract

Nylon prices spike sharply. In March, European PA6 and PA66 prices rose, driven by higher costs, but hampered by weak demand and ample supply. Suppliers face margin challenges.

Price hikes vary, with success in lower-priced accounts. High-end accounts struggle, leading to price rollovers amid cost pressures and competitive dynamics.

For example, PA6 prices surged by €100/MT, according to GC Intelligence price assessments.

This highlights the strain on suppliers. Some buyers faced even steeper increases, amplifying the challenge in a tepid market.

Forecasting remains cautious, with April and May expected to see continued cost pass-through efforts. Weak demand and the Suez Canal situation limit price hikes.

Demand is low across markets, briefly uplifted by restocking. High interest rates impact construction, and the automotive sector shows flat demand.

The supply remains ample despite import delays. Cost pressures, such as rising benzene and caprolactam prices, challenge suppliers pushing for significant price hikes.