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February 21, 2022
polymer granules

European PA66 price increase €80/mt from January to February, according to GC Intelligence assessments.

In February, the market environment did not change for many buyers as they continued to face delivery delays and low availability.

At the same time, costs were seeing continuous pressure from logistics, electricity, and raw materials.

Meanwhile, nylon 66 (PA66) demand continued to show good growth in several markets, especially electrical and electrocis.

However, the automotive market still lacked the stregth seen in other markets. The sector was still battling with a shortage of semiconductors.

Car Registtation Figures

But while the latest car registration figures remained negative, the numbers improved in January compared to recent months.

The outlook for PA66 prices, assuming there are no more surprises, sees an ease in the upside, driven by expectations of steady costs and better supply conditions.