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May 5, 2021

Trinseo hikes PC prices in May by €510 per metric ton, according to a recent press announcement.

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The company noted that the increases, effective from 1 May, will apply to all polycarbonate (PC) grades.

Meanwhile, other PC producers are also targeting hefty price increases in May.

For example, earlier in April, Covestro had also announced an increase on PC from May, of €500 per metric ton.

The announcements of big increases are taking place amid tremendous upward pressures on the PC market.

The shortages and high prices of feedstocks, coupled with high transport costs are providing a perfect storm for PC prices.

Most likely buyers will have to endure price increases for the rest of Q2.

And while there is low visibility because of the multitude of market disruptions, it is highly unlikely that PC prices in Europe will decrease during the summer.

As the market is facing many distortions, some of which are getting worse, it is plausible to assume that is going to take months for normality to be restored.