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January 26, 2021
While supply improved from Q4 the market remains relatively tight.

PS prices increased €110/mt in January in Europe in line with costs, according to GC Intelligence assessments.

General purpose polystyrene was assessed €110/mt higher and high impact polystyrene €115/mt higher. HIPS remains tight mainly because of good demand from the fridges sector.

A balanced-to-tight market helped producers maintain margins.

The tight supply seen in Q4 has improved because of an ease in seasonal demand from the construction sector.

Moreover, supply has improved also because production issues eased, namely from Total, in Carling.

Some sellers were aiming to achieve increases of around €120-130/mt but this was largely unworkable.

The sharp increases in costs helped once again polystyrene (PS) prices to recover from the lows hit earlier in 2020.