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Roehm Announces Price Increase For MMA

November 19, 2020
Healthy demand and tight feedstock supplies are providing support.

Roehm announces price increase for MMA in Europe, according to a recent press note.

Roehm noted that the reason for the increases are good demand and a shortage of raw material supply.

The price increase will be €50/mt.

MMA prices in Europe have been going up since the spring, according to GC Intelligence price assessments.

The higher MMA prices have since been placing upward pressure on downstream PMMA prices.

PMMA demand rebounded after the summer, with a recovery in most market segments.

As such, with higher costs of MMA and good demand, European PMMA pries have also increased in Q4.

There is now a good chance that PMMA prices will continue to increase in Q1.

Roehm is a German company and a global producer of methacrylates products.

MMA is used in the paint industry and to produce PMMA.

PMMA’s key market segments are construction, automotive, and consumer goods.