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PA6 And PA66 Prices In October Rolled Over In Europe

October 21, 2020
Concerns about increasing infections forced rollovers amid tightening supplies.

PA6 and PA66 prices in October rolled over in Europe from September, according to GC Intelligence analysis.

Virus headwinds cancelled out support from tighter supply.

Nylon 6 and nylon 66 (PA6 and PA66) prices have been going down for months after an ease in demand driven by the auto sector.

The pandemic amplified the downturn. But since the summer, demand saw a strong rebound from all market segments.

The demand recovery accelerated in October, living producers with limited availability amid a spate of turnarounds.

However, the lowest paying accounts saw price increases, especailly for PA6.

However, there was some length in the PA66 market and prices for some buyers decreased.

The current upward momentum in demand for PA6 and PA66 is probably also to do with restocking. Therefore, it is possible that a slowdown will follow in November.

This is pertinent also because infections are rising and threatening more lockdowns.