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PC Prices From September to October Rolled Over

October 20, 2020
Tight supply and good demand was not enough to support higher prices.

PC prices from September to October rolled over in Europe on most grades as sellers failed to implement increases.

Sellers were trying to achieve higher prices due to better demand and tightening supplies.

The polycarbonate (PC) market has suffered a declined in demand from some sectors such as the auto industry during the pandemic, but has seen other markets thrive.

For example, PC sheets have been in great demand to protect against the virus. And also the electrical and electronic
segment has seen strong demand throughout the pandemic.

However, the increase in infections are keeping the range of possibilities wide as the year is coming to a close.

And while prices remained unchanged on most grades, optical media PC prices increased.

This is because there are fewer sellers of optical media PC and because it is a non-strategic market for sellers.

Sellers tried to push for increases across the board and some even announced their intentions to push prices up by more than €200/mt. But the need to secure sales volumes amid much uncertainty resulted in rollovers.

What is more, this time of the year activity could soon start to go down due to seasonal factors, such as in the construction industry.

However, this will be limited because the current markets in constant turmoil due to the virus will most likely disrupt this pattern.

Furthermore, Europe is a major exporter to China and prices are going up in Asia. If this continues, then domestic sellers could start to ship much more volumes to the region and the European market will tighten further.