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European PMMA Imports Continue To Increase In June

September 17, 2020
Steady demand and a strong Euro likely fuelled the trend.

European polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) Imports continue to increase in June, according to the latest Eurostat data.

The figures show that imports from January to June are higher in 2020 compared to 2018 and 2019.

Meanwhile, exports remained at the same level as last year and lower than in 2018.

Most probably, the increase in the value of the Euro has increased the competitiveness of Asian PMMA and supported demand for imports.

The Euro/USD value has climbed from around 1.08 in April to 1.13 in June and is currently at 1.18.

Beside the currency, another reason that might explain the sustained increase in imports is the relatively strong demand.

While some segments such as autos suffered during the pandemic, others gained.

For example, many businesses are still using PMMA to protect against the spread of the virus.

A softer demand in Asia may also explain the increase in imports in Europe. But this hypothesis is weak when considering that China has experienced a strong rebound across all markets compared to Europe.

Meanwhile, this trend could continue because in July and August demand remained robust and the Euro reached new highs.